Maury Schoolyard Work Begins

Work started this week on the Matthew Maury Schoolyard Project that aims to create a state-of-the art playground at the school.

F.H Paschen Tectonics began work to resolve long-term storm water management issues on the site. The work includes re-grading and installation of drainage systems. It also includes playground equipment, landscaping and a synthetic turf field.

The project is scheduled for completion in the late fall.  Alexandria City Department of Recreation, Planning and Cultural Activities is working with ACPS to allow Matthew Maury Elementary School students to access the adjoining Beach Park in the meantime.

The new schoolyard will include the first REAL School Garden endeavor in Virginia. The school has entered into a partnership with Real School Gardens- which implements “learning gardens” as a tool to improve student engagement and academic achievement.

REAL School Gardens will be hosting a BIG DIG event on Saturday, September 10 at the school. The garden is designed to be directed towards the school’s learning objectives.

The garden will help our students become more engaged in identifying a diverse range of features that will enrich academic lessons for all grade levels and subject areas,” said Maury Principal Lucretia Jackson.

The project is unique as it represents the inaugural Community Funded Partnership project for ACPS. The Maury Schoolyard Initiative raised $196,400 towards the $1,165,000 project. This was supported by $250,000 from the City of Alexandria.

ACPS, Brooks