T.C. Williams Senior Honored with Alexandria Historical Society High School Award

Aaron Higgins, a senior at T.C. Williams High School, was recently honored with the Alexandria Historical Society’s High School Award for his exceptional commitment to the study of history.

The award celebrates high academic achievement and scholarship in American history; motivation and sustained interest in American history; awareness of the role of history and the historian in contemporary society; mastery of communication skills; and citizenship and student leadership. One student at each of the City’s public and private high schools is selected each year to receive the award.

I’ve had an interest in all things academic since toddlerhood. I’ve always loved to read about history, especially the romantic aspects of history and about battles. I’m so thankful to my mom for giving me all of those books,” said Aaron.

Aaron exudes energy and enthusiasm as he describes his love of history. He started visiting museums and historical sites with his mom when he was a toddler. His favorite is the Theodore Roosevelt Island for the way history is integrated with nature.

His interest in history grew more complex as he entered middle school. Encouraged by teachers to do research outside of class and a mom who fed him a perpetual stream of books, his interest continued to evolve. Aaron continually engages in independent research to fuel his curiosity about historical matters and surrounds himself with friends who are also lovers of history.

I’ve had a phenomenal experience at T.C. It’s been the greatest academic experience. The teachers have such a great depth of knowledge. They really encouraged me to think outside of the curriculum and created the best academic environment.”

Aaron will attend the College of William and Mary this fall where he will major in history with a minor in European studies and a concentration in Northern Ireland studies.

I’m particularly interested in Northern Ireland because it takes the past and keeps it in the present. There are not many sectarian conflicts in European countries. And, I have an emotional connection because of my lineage,” said Aaron.


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