Governor Honors Two ACPS Schools with Distinguished Achievement Awards

Two ACPS schools have been awarded Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Awards for 2016, according to the Virginia Department of Education.

Charles Barrett Elementary School and Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy were among 166 schools named for Distinguished Achievement in Governor Terry McAuliffe’s Virginia Index of Performance (VIP) program.

In many cases, the Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award recognizes the successes of teachers, principals and other educators who are on the front line of the commonwealth’s effort to narrow and ultimately close achievement gaps,” said Superintendent of Public Instruction Steven R. Staples.

Schools were acknowledged for meeting all the state and federal benchmarks and making progress towards the goals of the Governor and the Board. The VIP incentive program recognizes schools and divisions that exceed state and federal accountability standards and achieve excellence goals established by the governor and the board.

I am so proud of the hard work and dedication by our staff, students and community volunteers that resulted in this achievement. This is truly a reflection of what can be accomplished with an arts integration approach to learning,” said Seth Kennard, Charles Barrett principal.

Lyles-Crouch principal Patricia Zissios also attributed the success to hard work.

The steadfast persistence, dedication and passion for learning demonstrated year in and year out by the students, staff, parents and community members of Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy continues to result in academic excellence for all. Bravo,” she said.

To earn the Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence, schools and school divisions must meet all state and federal achievement benchmarks and achieve all applicable excellence goals for elementary reading, enrollment in Algebra I by the eighth grade, enrollment in college-level courses, high school graduation, attainment of advanced diplomas, increased attainment of career and industry certifications, and, if applicable, participation in the Virginia Preschool Initiative.

These schools epitomize academic excellence and the innovation, teamwork and commitment to high standards that have made Virginia’s public schools among the nation’s best,” Governor McAuliffe said.

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One of the goals of the ACPS 2020 Strategic Plan is to foster high-performing schools with strong academics, supported by great staff.

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