City Displays ACPS Student Artwork for Earth Day

Photo credit: City of Alexandria

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Alexandria Earth Day 2022 calls on all of us to “Invest in Our Planet” while posing the question: “what will you do?” Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS), in conjunction with the City of Alexandria, is celebrating Earth Day through a student art display at City Hall inspired by this year’s theme.

“Kindergarten through eighth grade students from multiple ACPS schools explored this theme and created beautiful pieces representing what our earth looks like when it is invested in and when we take care of it,” explained Meagan Carrick, ACPS fine arts instructional specialist. The student artwork will hang in the Vola Lawson Lobby at City Hall (301 King Street) throughout April for all to see.

ACPS has developed a video featuring Earth Day art from the student art gallery. Photos of the artwork were provided by the City of Alexandria.

The objective of observing Earth Day this year is to recognize our collective responsibility to put solutions in place to combat climate change. Everyone is invited to unite in a partnership for the planet, putting an exclamation point on the phrase, “a green future is a prosperous future!” ACPS is doing its part; for example, the division’s modernization program uses environmentally sound construction practices which help increase energy efficiency while producing less waste.

As people united to demand cleaner air and water, Earth Day was founded on April 22, 1970. Now in its fifty-second year, Earth Day serves as a reminder that a more sustainable world starts with all of us. To become part of the solution, you can join in year-round opportunities for action in Alexandria such as working at stream cleanups, participating in the Eco-City Academy and joining environmental education classes and activities at the Jerome Buddie Ford Nature Center.