Parent-Teacher Conferences: Schedule Reminder and Tips

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ACPS conducts parent-teacher conferences twice each calendar school year to provide opportunities for parents and teachers to discuss students’ social, emotional, and academic progress. This year, the conferences are taking place virtually in accordance with ACPS policy regarding essential visitors. Each school will communicate with their students, staff and families regarding the schedule for conferences and related logistics.

For the 2021-22 school year, the first parent-teacher conferences were held in October and November 2021. Schools following the traditional academic calendar will hold Winter 2022 Parent-Teacher Conferences on Feb. 2-3. Students will not attend school on Feb. 2 and 3 and will be released early on Feb. 4. For the modified calendar, conferences are scheduled for March 30-31; these students will not attend school on March 30 and 31 and will be released early on April 1.

To prepare for a successful parent-teacher conference, the ACPS Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) suggests these tips:

  • Involve your child: Have a conversation with your child beforehand, asking them what are their favorite subjects and activities at school as well as their least favorite and why.
  • Ask questions: Make a list of questions for the teacher before your meeting. Include any questions your child may have as well.
  • Take notes: During the conference, write down the teacher’s responses to your questions. Parents are also urged to take notes about their child’s progress in school, including areas of success and those in need of improvement.
  • Make a plan: Develop an action plan of what the teacher, parent and student will do to achieve academic excellence.

To further prepare, download the FACE Center’s parent-teacher conference planning worksheet: in English (PDF) | en español (PDF) | አማርኛ (PDF) | بالعربية (PDF)