A Welcome from the Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. visited every school on #ACPSFirstDay along with members of his Superintendent Leadership Team. He greeted students as they got off buses, accompanied walkers as they flooded through the open doors, and talked to parents who were dropping off their children. He even filmed his Welcome Back message on the steps of Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy before the first bell.

Students, including brand new kindergartners, were in class seconds after the first bell rang.

T.C. Williams High School put on its traditional #ACPSFirstDay show. Students were greeted by the marching band and got to walk down a red carpet as they were cheered by students waving banners declaring Titan Pride.

ACPS Facilities also put on a show. The floors of all schools were gleaming, repair work had been completed and the Mount Vernon Play Garden was open to smiling, jumping and laughing elementary school students.

Thank you to our City Council members and Mayor Justin Wilson who also came out to support our schools today.

It was a GREAT #ACPSFirstDay all around! We look forward to an awesome school year!

first day of school  first day of school   

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