Don’t be a Stranger! Stay Connected With Your School Throughout the Year

Make sure you are the first to know all the latest news from school by signing up, following and tuning in to both your school and ACPS on social media. On the go or relaxing at home, you can stay updated with a click of a button by following ACPS and our schools on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

And each school has a regular newsletter you should sign up for and stay informed.

The ACPS website is the official site for all ACPS news, emergency announcements and events. The website is the first place we update information — both routine information and emergency messages.

Getting involved is the best way to make your voice heard, so don’t forget to join your PTA and find ways you can become part of the conversation. Help your school while strengthening your community.

Can ACPS Reach You in an Emergency?

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that ACPS can reach you in an emergency situation or weather event is to return the Student Information Update Form from your Welcome Packet to your school as soon as possible. You can also complete your back-to-school forms online.

When you do, please make sure it includes, at minimum, a current and accurate phone number, cell phone number (if you have one) and an email address where you would like to receive messages from ACPS, usually during the school day. Our ability to contact you is only as good as the information available to us. Without this information, we may not be able to reach you.

The ACPS Mobile App is a useful tool to stay up-to-date with school events, news, sports, divisionwide emergency notifications, contact information, Parent Access (PowerSchool) and more. The mobile app also gives you access to the SchoolCafé app, which allows you to view your child’s lunch menu and add funds to their lunch account. Download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play.
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Tune in to ACPS-TV local cable channel 71 and ACPS-TV online to watch School Board meetings, district videos and news and announcements. Also visit and subscribe to ACPS-TV on YouTube for more.