Hidden Talent: Classically Trained Pianist Jonathan Flores

Jonathan Flores, a ninth grader in T.C. Williams High School’s International Academy has a talent of which his teachers were unaware. Through a random conversation about jazz and classical music with his teacher Su Yin Hu, she discovered she had a classically trained pianist sitting in her classroom.

Jonathan grew up to the sound of music streaming through his home — his dad tapping out tunes on the piano or strumming on the guitar. When Jonathan listened to classical music, he imagined himself at the piano making music of his own.

At twelve, he asked his parents for piano lessons and his natural talent and passion emerged. He was admitted to the conservatory back in Honduras where he practiced eight hours a day.

When Jonathan moved to the U.S. last fall to be with his mother, he was sad not only to leave his father, but also his passion. When he arrived at T.C. Williams, he hadn’t played the piano for six months before his teacher discovered his hidden talent. With the help of his teachers, he joined the music program at T.C. and debuted in the school’s winter concert, honored to play before his new school. He now dreams of playing in Carnegie Hall.

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