New Way to Give Parents Greater Control Over Online Activities on School-Issued Devices

ACPS is proud to be on the forefront of learning innovation with a Chromebook for each student in grades 4-12. We encourage balanced and healthy learning environments that include digital tools as well as non-digital tools — this includes screen-free lunch and recess.

Our students are able to use their Chromebooks to access and complete course assignments, collaborate on projects, participate in discussions and access learning applications. And we are committed to ensuring our students are as safe as possible when using school-issued Chromebooks and accessing the internet. We know from discussions with parents and guardians across ACPS that managing device use at home is a family priority as well.

As a result, ACPS has acquired a new program called Securly Parent Portal that allows parents of students in grades 6-12 and of elementary school students who are permitted to bring their Chromebooks home to monitor their child’s online activity outside of school. Through the Securly Parent Portal, parents and guardians can view their child’s keyword searches, sites visited and videos watched. Parents and guardians can also add additional restrictions to categories such as social media and specific sites. You can learn more about the Securly Parent Portal and view a video about how it works online.

In addition to the parent portal, Securly has also provided ACPS with improved Chromebook monitoring tools to detect potential self-harm, cyberbullying and violence. If ACPS is alerted of potential safety threats, school administrators will be notified and school staff will contact families to address the individual concerns.

ACPS uses Common Sense Media resources to teach digital citizenship. Common Sense Media also provides resources and tools for families to manage media and technology use at home. You can learn more at

Parents and guardians of students who bring home school-issued Chromebooks received information in the mail last week from ACPS about how to access Securly. Instructions are also available online in English (PDF)Spanish (PDF)Amharic (PDF) and Arabic (PDF). Answers to frequently asked questions are also available on the Securly Parent Portal page on the ACPS website.

You can learn more about technology use at ACPS in our Family Technology Guide (PDF).

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