Our Heroes: A Tribute to Our Veterans

Today is a day when we say thank you to our veterans for their service. On Friday, schools held assemblies to honor our veterans and active duty military personnel and to learn more about what they do for our country.

We asked students at the Patrick Henry School Veterans Day assembly to describe a military hero.

A military hero is someone who protects us and makes our country feel safe and secure. Someone who is very brave. They are kind and compassionate. In order to put your life before many others is very brave. To risk your life for the sake of your country or your beliefs is very brave. They are good people. They are very good people. Thank you for your service. Thank you so much!” — Maya Huddle, seventh grade

Maya Huddle

A military hero is someone who is a great leader, who makes sacrifices for the greater good. They are people who know what’s right and do what’s right, even if they know it could get them in trouble, or hurt or could damage them in some way,” — Zion Foulcard, sixth grade


Military heroes give their lives for other people, without thinking of theirs first. No matter if they have power or anything. They only need the heart to help others because they are thinking more of other people. They think of something that is bigger than they are already. I would say that they are brave, respectful and they are kind,” — Justin Guzman Rodriguez, sixth grade


My dad is a hero because he helps other people. He’s not selfish and he doesn’t just work for himself, he works for other people. I’m proud that my dad works in the military. He’s been in the army for 22 years,” — Brayden Balthaser, fifth grade

Enjoy these highlights from school assemblies:

ACPS, Patrick Henry