Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Block YouTube via Securly?

To block via Securly, parents can use either the app or their browser. The filtering is performed by the student, so parents will need to select the specific student in order to modify their policy. Then, they will select Sites, then add their URLs. They should add the sites at the domain level for the best most comprehensive filtering, not the full URL. For example: Whereas the first part of the address is a host name (“www”), the second part is the domain (“”) . It is recommended that users should double check the policy in the browser to verify the sites are entered properly, when possible.

To block YouTube, parents would add the following sites:


For additional support, contact


What do I do if my screen is frozen?

Hold the power button down to power chromebook off. Then push the power button to turn chromebook on.

What do I do if…

  • I get a message “Chrome OS Missing”
  • My screen jumps around
  • My keyboard / touchpad / mouse is not working

Submit a help request for chromebook assistance or a replacement.


Is Zoom EDU COPPA, FERPA and CCPA compliant?

Zoom EDU is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) , California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other applicable laws. Review the Zoom for K-12 Schools & Districts Privacy Policy available at

How is ACPS managing Zoom with students?

ACPS uses Clever to integrate with the Zoom’s educational licenses (Zoom EDU). As a result, only teacher and staff accounts are created in Zoom. Students do not have individual accounts in Zoom. Using Clever to integrate online accounts provides ACPS an additional layer of protection for our student data.

Can we set up Zoom where students can not use their webcams?

The host of the meeting (teacher) can turn off everyone’s video and audio at any time. Students have the option of turning off their video at any time.

When I try to use Zoom my webcam and microphone don’t work? What should I do?

Visit the Zoom Help Center – My Video/Camera Isn’t Working.

I can’t access Zoom meetings via a link. When I type in the access code manually, it still doesn’t work. What can I do?

Visit the Zoom Help Center.

Are there features in Zoom that staff can use to keep uninvited people from their sessions?

Yes, by requiring participants to enter a “waiting room” before the session, staff has the ability to only allow intended students or staff.This feature is the default setting for classroom settings.

Have staff been trained on how to effectively use Zoom with their students?

Instructional staff have participated in professional development safe and effective practices when using Zoom in their classroom. to specifically address safe and effective practices in Zoom. These practices include the following:

  1. Make meetings private. There are two options to do this: require passwords and enable the waiting room. The waiting room allows the host to control admittance into the session.
  2. Only post meeting links Canvas or Clever.
  3. Manage screensharing options. Screensharing should only be enabled when a teacher expects students to share projects during specific meetings.
  4. Use the most updated version of Zoom. Zoom continues to improve it’s software to address security concerns.

Is my child required to participate in Zoom meetings?

Yes. All “live instruction” (synchronous) will be held in Zoom.