The Results of the Standards Assessment Inventory are in!

- Professional Development

The Office of Talent Development has completed a survey with staff members across all ACPS schools. This Standards Assessment Inventory (SAI) provides essential feedback on the professional development needs and preferences of teachers.

The following key findings were collected from 970 staff members across 17 schools:

Highest Ratings in Leadership

  • Leaders advocate for resources for professional learning (80% agreement)
  • Leaders speak about the connection between professional learning and student achievement (78.4% agreement)

Lowest Ratings in the Category of Data

  • Assessment of professional learning is determined before the learning plan is created (36.5% agreement)
  • Professional learning programs are continuously assessed to ensure quality results (39% agreement)

Top Three Topics for Professional Learning

  1. Interventions and differentiation
  2. Creating an environment that supports risk-taking and reflection
  3. Blended learning

Top Three Types of Preferred Professional Learning Opportunities

  1. Time to observe another teacher
  2. Professional learning communities
  3. Independent study

Survey results will be vital to developing professional learning programs at the school and division level. Feedback will be shared with principals and will help frame the agenda for 2019-20.

See the ACPS Talent Development website for more information on the programs and resources available for professional learning.