Special Education Video Series: Public Safety Considerations for Children with Autism

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The ACPS Special Education Parent Resource Center has compiled a series of videos about topics of interest to parents of students with special instructional needs. View the final video in the series in English, Spanish, Amharic and Arabic.

The presenter of this workshop is Scott Campbell, a member of the Commonwealth of Virginia Public Safety Workgroup for Autism Awareness, an Autism Safety and Awareness trainer for families and first responder personnel in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., and the former President of the Autism Society of Northern Virginia. This workshop provides practical advice and offers strategies to parents of children with cognitive disabilities to help keep their children safe when dealing with public safety risks and emergency situations.

The series of workshops were hosted by the ACPS Special Education Parent Resource Center and recorded by Career & Technical Education (CTE) students enrolled in TV Production classes at T.C. Williams High School.

Practical experience for CTE students at T.C. Williams is a regular part of the curriculum and allows students to work with real world practical situations throughout the school year.

Coordinator for the ACPS Special Education Parent Resource Center Courtney P. Davis recently wrote to the ACPS-TV channel that “The Parent Resource Center is so excited to continue to have ACPS students to record our workshop series. We think it is empowering for students and provides an opportunity to showcase their talents.”

The workshops were all conducted in English and translated into Spanish, Amharic and Arabic. All of the programs are available in all four languages.