Share Your Story on Your School’s Social Media

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Social media is one of the most important ways of sharing with our families, colleagues, and the wider community all the great things happening in our classrooms. Every ACPS school is on Facebook and Twitter, and a few are even on Instagram. Each school account is managed by the School Social Media Liaison.

But one person can’t possibly cover every classroom or event. That’s why we want YOU to be part of showing everyone how we are helping #EveryStudent Succeed!

It’s easy! Here’s how:

1. Find something worth sharing. Here are some ideas:

    • An innovative classroom lesson
    • Student and staff awards and accomplishments
    • Fun student moments
    • An exciting field trip
    • A community event

Make sure to capture close-up, candid photos or short video in horizontal mode.

2. Share your story!

Visit the Share Your Story submission form at to send in your photos/video and information.

Your school’s Social Media Liaison or the ACPS Office of Communications will review your submission and post to social media as they are able.

Student Media Permissions

It is your responsibility to make sure the students in any photos or video you submit have not been opted-out for media participation. This information is available in the student’s record in PowerSchool. See instructions in a previous ACPS Insider article. Permissions from the previous school year carry through this school year until September 15. Alternatively, a parent/guardian may give you permission if you ask them.

Share your photos for #ACPSFirstDay!

Let’s kick off the year right and show how we are helping #EveryStudent Succeed from Day 1.

We can’t wait to share your stories!