Professional Development Highlights: Reaching and Teaching Students from South America, Intro to IT and CPR

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Here are this week’s professional development offerings. To view all offerings or to sign up for courses, please log in to the PLMS website.

Parent Resource Center Family Engagement Workshop Series
What are tools and strategies that families can use to address the challenges posed by raising children with and without disabilities? This is for families and teachers who want to build skills in addressing topics such as behavior, learning differences,special education, and preparing for post secondary education and life . #15152 

Introduction to ACPS Technology
How can educators harness the power of technology to engage students, manage information and support decisions that improve student learning and achievement? This course is a four-week blended course designed to teach staff members how to use and integrate the massive array of technology tools and software available in ACPS with their curriculum. ACPS staff members will address the requirements for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel. #15542 

2018-2019 Reaching and Teaching Students from Central America
What awareness, knowledge and skills can enhance student learning? More than 4 million Central America people reside in the United States today. Yet Central American history and literature are missing from school curricula. This 4-part workshop series will help fill that gap providing participants with the knowledge and skills required for using culturally responsive teaching that meets the needs of students from Central America. #15449

Participants will be:

  • Introduced to levels of integration of multicultural content
  • Become familiar with interactive strategies that can be used in K-12 classrooms
  • Explore the contemporary socio-economic issues in Central America
  • Learn about important historical and current Central American figures and authors or poetry and prose
  • Review culturally inclusive lesson plans that can be used in K-12 classrooms after attending all four sessions
  • Receive reading materials that will enhance classroom libraries

CPR Hands-on Training
How can you use CPR to ensure the safety of your class? This course is designed to fulfill the requirements for CPR certification and teacher re-licensure. #15266

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