Professional Development Highlights: More Courses for PD Day on March 15

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- Professional Development

March 15 is a division-wide professional learning day. The following is a sampling of the many offerings on that day. To view more courses and to register, please log into the PLMS website and you will see more than 40 courses being offered on March 15.

Office of Specialized Instruction Professional Learning
How can we meet the needs of students with disabilities? Special education teachers and paraprofessionals will participate in a variety of trainings in order to learn how to use research-based interventions and develop specially designed instruction. PLMS #15785

Just Google It! Apps for Every Content in Elementary
You may already know the basics of Google Docs, Slides, and Forms, but how can they be used purposely with your students on a daily basis? Whether you are just beginning to use technology or consider yourself an experienced user, you will learn practical tips and tricks to enhance your instruction. In this session, you will explore Google apps that both teachers and students have access to such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Maps, and Drawings. Teachers should bring a laptop or Chromebook for this session. This session will be geared towards K-5 teachers. PLMS #15744 

How can I incorporate an inquiry-based learning model into my math classroom? Gizmos is a math and science online resource available for grades 4-12. Gizmos use an inquiry-based approach to learning that has been validated by extensive research as a highly effective way to build conceptual understanding. When teachers effectively integrate Gizmos into instruction, they can take learning to new levels. PLMS #14389

Scientific Inquiry and Embryology with 4-H Resources
How can teachers in grades 2-12 integrate scientific inquiry into their classroom through experiential STEM learning using 4-H curriculum? Join Local 4-H Extension Agent, Reggie Morris, to experience how students can learn by doing using 4-H STEM lessons. 4-H believes that kids retain more information and have more fun when they are part of the learning process. During this session, participants will be immersed in hands-on learning and discuss how to differentiate 4-H lessons which are already aligned with the Virginia Science Standards to meet the needs of the students in their classrooms. Teachers will also learn about embryology resources for hatching chicken eggs in their classroom. Teachers who commit to participating the 4-H embryology program will receive an incubator for their classroom. PLMS #15803