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The ACPS Office of Communications is introducing a Communications Request Management System, starting today!

From now on, you will be asked to submit all your communications requests through the Communications Support Request Form. This includes AV requests, media requests, ACPS Express and ACPS Insider requests, flier or video creation requests, and event support requests.

You can always access the Communications Support Request Form in Canvas by going to the ACPS Employee Resources course and then clicking on Communications under the Departments listing.


All requests must come from an internal ACPS staff member or be sponsored by an ACPS member of staff. This includes requests that are part of joint PTA or booster projects.

Your request will be fed directly into our internal system so that we can track our progress towards its delivery.

Our aim is to better partner on the delivery of services and to ensure that our requestors are also collaborating with us in achieving the best result possible.

This new process also requires us to operate in a slightly different way. From now on, the ACPS Office of Communications will be your partner on a project. Our goal is to collaborate with you to get you what you need. We will be asking you: What problem are you trying to solve?

This should get you thinking about who you are trying to impact or what data you are trying to move.

All requests will be assessed according to the Annual ACPS Focus Areas. We simply cannot deliver every task requested — some requests will get turned down. However, once we accept a project we aim to do it well — and deliver it on time — because we will have agreed with you that it fits within the annual focus areas and will deliver an impactful and measurable result. 

Sometimes a request may not fit within any of the annual focus areas. In this case, we apologize in advance, as the request may not make it to the top of our list or be accepted as an assignment at all.

Sometimes, the opposite will happen and a request for a flier will turn into a full-blown communications campaign. This has already happened twice since we soft-launched the Communications Request Form at the beginning of February.

Either way, we ask you to connect with us, collaborate with us and communicate if you have questions.

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