It’s Time to Reclassify! Have Your Job Responsibilities Changed? Now is the Time to Speak Up

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Each year during fall, the ACPS Department of Human Resources begins its annual reclassification process for eligible employees.

 You can request to have your responsibilities reviewed to ensure they are in line with your current job title and compensation.

 This year, Human Resources will extend the application period an additional week to end on November 8, 2019.

 Act fast, as requests submitted after the close of business on that date will not be accepted.

Employees who believe their duties and responsibilities have changed to the extent that their positions should be reclassified can submit a Request for Classification Review form (PDF) to their direct supervisor or department head.

The supervisor or department head will then review the request to determine if it meets eligibility requirements.

If approved, that request will be forwarded to Human Resources and a neutral third-party will assess any submissions and make recommendations.

Learn more about the classification review process by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.