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Did you know that there are TWO main ACPS newsletters as well as a newsletter for EVERY school?

ACPS Insider gives you information directly relating to staff on a weekly basis. All ACPS staff members are automatically signed up for this and you will continue to receive it unless you choose to unsubscribe. ACPS Insider gives you details of trainings, important policy and procedure changes, major announcements and staff kudos. Information included in ACPS Insider is usually different from the information included in ACPS Express.

ACPS Express is our main newsletter to all ACPS families and the wider Alexandria community each Monday morning. To receive this information you have to SIGN UP TO RECEIVE ACPS EXPRESS. This includes major achievements and information that relates to all schools and is of division-wide relevance.

School Information: School staff will be signed up for their school newsletter. If you want news from any other school, you need to SIGN UP TO RECEIVE it. All schools use the newsletter platform, but all schools use it slightly differently, according to their needs.

Sign up for your personal pick of all ACPS newsletters here or go to