Do You Know About the ACPS Policy on Providing Translation and Interpretation?

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Last year the School Board updated the policy relating to translation and interpretation services to improve guidelines for staff members communicating with families.

ACPS wants to provide effective access to information about schools, programs, services and activities to parents and caregivers in their preferred language.

Often, conversations between schools and Limited English Proficient family members are provided by bilingual division staff, including parent liaisons.

However, all essential information provided by the division and schools, including written and verbal interpretation at official meetings such as parent-teacher conferences, must be provided by certified staff or vendors contracted to provide these services, except in cases where the safety of a child is in jeopardy.

Staff may request translation and interpretation services for family members through the online translation and interpretation request forms.

Read the full Family and Community Engagement regulation (PDF).

In Policy KB: Public Information Program (PDF), ACPS commits  to providing the Code of Conduct, the Family Handbook, and the student report card framework in the four major division-wide languages of English, Spanish, Amharic and Arabic.

ACPS translates a student’s full report card upon request. When possible, ACPS also translates other major documents into the four languages.

Do you want to get involved in the policy making process?

This year the School Board will discuss policy revisions at periodic work sessions, and your input is welcomed.

Members of staff can weigh in on policy issues:

All School Board meetings and work sessions are open to staff, and are held at ACPS Central Office at 1340 Braddock Place. They are generally held on Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. See the schedule.

Policies are next scheduled to be discussed at the October 24, 2019 work session. View the work session agenda (available starting on October 18).

Have a policy question? Check the policy web page or send an email to