A Warm Welcome to Our New Teachers!

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A warm welcome to all our new teachers! Over 200 educators attended the new teacher orientation kick-off event at T.C. Williams High School last Monday. We are thrilled to see so many talented new VIP professionals with vision, integrity and passion joining our division.

During their three-day introduction session they were treated to a bus tour of Alexandria and our school division, courtesy of DASH, an ACPS partner.

Please be sure to say hello and make all our newcomers feel welcome!

Find out about some of their goals for this coming academic year and their reasons for wanting to work in ACPS.

“I want my students to feel heard and learn how to ask questions,” said Emily Staley, English Teacher at T.C. Williams High School, who plans on fostering an environment where students can ask critical questions that reflect on the systems that are in place in America. She will be teaching American literature at T.C. Williams.

Aaron Henderson, a math teacher at Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 IB School is new to Alexandria. He moved from Austin, Texas last month and is excited to meet the students at Jefferson-Houston. This year, he will focus on building confidence. “Math is a subject that many students tend to struggle with. I like empowering students, giving them the confidence that they are able to do it, and showing them that math can be fun!”

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. It is a passion of mine to help children find their voice,” said Arantza Martinez, a speech pathologist. Martinez is based at Central Office and will be working across all schools. She is enthusiastic to be working with different programs, enhancing strategies and integrating communication across our facilities.

Tamika Jackson, a third grade teacher at Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 IB School, brings 26 years of teaching experience to Jefferson-Houston. This year, she plans on highlighting writing and reading expectations. She plans to foster analytical reading skills, developing critical thinking in her students. “I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to support children to aspire to their highest academic potential.”

“My goal is to make sure that my students are comfortable with the classroom — that we become more like a family within the school,” said Ava Rinehart, a kindergarten teacher at Charles Barrett Elementary School, who is looking forward to meeting her students and working with her team at Charles Barrett. She is ready to get to know the families of Alexandria.

Lauren Fitchett, a social worker at Douglas MacArthur Elementary School is is thrilled to be part of a team dedicated to empowering all students. “I am excited to join a school district that focuses on equity and really supports their children,” she said.

Please join us in welcoming all of our new teachers to ACPS!