COVID-19 Contact Tracing & Safety Measures in Our Schools

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Contact Tracing Process
In response to the current increase in cases of COVID-19 in our area, ACPS may at times need to modify our contact tracing procedures to ensure timely communication of a potential exposure to students in a classroom. Typically, if there is a case of COVID-19 in a school or an ACPS facility, school division staff will work to identify close contacts and then communicate quarantine information to those individuals. During a period of surge, where there are high volumes of cases in our schools, ACPS may instead send a “General Exposure Letter” to all of the students in an affected classroom in lieu of identifying close contacts. This letter will state that the students in the class do not need to quarantine, but will be advised to closely monitor symptoms for ten days, consider testing five days after the date of exposure, and ensure that they are wearing a close-fitting face mask.

Contact tracing remains our primary goal, and during a period of high volume we want to ensure that we are providing timely information to students and families who may have been exposed so that they can take precautions. If a student is identified as a close contact, communication may come through an email as well as a phone call or text message. Families are urged to ensure that their contact information is up-to-date with schools and to check their email and phones daily for messages.

Health & Safety Measures
ACPS continues to implement health and safety measures for the 2021-22 school year to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. Mitigation measures include:

  • Universal masking in all ACPS buildings and vehicles
  • Daily health screening for all staff and students in schools
  • Weekly on-site screening testing at every school for students and staff
  • Daily testing for unvaccinated athletes and mask wearing reinstituted during practices and competition
  • High percentage of vaccinated ACPS staff members
  • High percentage of vaccinated ACPS secondary students
  • Ventilation measures in all buildings (including HEPA purifiers)
  • Handwashing stations
  • Vaccine availability

Free on-site weekly testing is offered in all of our schools. This is provided by Curative staff on a voluntary basis to students whose families complete the registration form and provide consent in advance. For registration and details, visit our COVID-19 on-site testing web page.

KN95 Masks
ACPS is continuing to require masks for everyone in any ACPS facility or vehicle. The Facilities and Operations Department has begun to receive shipments of KN95 masks for students and staff. As the shipments arrive, masks are being organized for efficient distribution to schools and offices, with deliveries being made once there are enough masks to begin fulfilling individual school needs. We anticipate deliveries to be completed by Wed., Jan. 19, 2022.

ACPS will continue to be diligent in exploring all options to place additional orders for the KN95 masks as we work within the constraints of supply chain challenges. We continue to work with a community partner to secure additional masks through a donation. Please note that our supply of KN95 masks will be limited due to the popularity of this particular mask, meaning frequent replenishment may not be feasible. To this end, we encourage families and staff who are able to also purchase their own KN95 masks to do so, if possible. As a reminder, we have also delivered additional surgical masks to schools for double-masking (as an alternative option).